notions for the modern quilter

Today's quilters are creative, kind, generous, and have a whip-smart sense of humor. They deserve notions just as cool as they are.

small but scrappy

Our rulers are laser cut and engraved in my garage! How's that for authentic?

It all started when I looked at a bright yellow ruler and thought "What if...this were cute?" I started with a secondhand small laser engraver and made many, many mistakes and prototypes. With some sweat (and swear words) the feral ruler was born. Soon we upgraded to Big Red, the queen bed sized workhorse laser which cuts every laser we sell. A few small quilting shops took a risk on me and ordered my rulers, and the rest is history.

About Caitlin

Quilting found me a little later than some. I had just had a baby, and was reeling in the postpartum Big Sads, the onset of a chronic illness, and burnout from my job as a shelter veterinarian. I took a class on log cabin blocks at my local shop, and I was hooked. Quilting gave me a place to rediscover myself a gain. When so much of my life felt out of control, I could sit down at my dining table and learn a new technique. Those tiny wins were everything to me.

I started posting my quilts on Instagram and found a community of the most incredible people. They were kind, generous, and absolutely hilarious. Many of them have become my closest real-life friends. Turns out you can meet cool people on the internet! In a way, Feral Notions is my love letter to the quilters who welcomed me. I like to think of us all as a secret sisterhood, bound by these fluffy, beautiful works of art, connected.

  • durable markings

    Our markings are laser engraved, so they won't rub off. On our Golden and Confetti bases, the markings are also filled with professional grade enamel to enhance visibility.

  • joy

    If cutting is your least favorite part of quilting, we've got you. Our notions add flair to make even the toughest jobs fun.

  • service with a smile

    We pride ourselves on taking the best care of our customers. If there's anything amiss with your order, never hesitate to reach out.

how our rulers are made