How I organize my quilting fabric

How I organize my quilting fabric

It can be a battle when trying to keep your sewing area organized -- but I've managed to wrangle my quilting fabric into submission! It's a balance between keeping the fabric available and usable, while still looking cute. Here's the key: I use a 13 inch cube organizer. This one is from Target's Threshold line, but the IKEA Kallax is an excellent option. 

I cut 12 inch squares of old cardboard to wrap the fabric around. Double folded 44 inch wide quilting cotton fits perfectly! Be sure to secure it with pins both on the start and finish of the fabric. This works best for fabric pieces that are at least a yard long.


 I don't have a huge collection of fat quarters, but the ones I do have, along with larger folded scraps, I keep in these bins from the Target dollar section. 

I always hang on to extra binding pieces! So I have a bin for those as well. Eventually I'll sew them all together for the scrappiest binding of all. 

I keep projects I'm working on in these wire bins stacked on top of the shelves. I'm always working on at least two projects so this is a great way to keep them out of the way while I'm switching it up. 

I'm still working on an effective way to organize all my fabric scraps - so let me know if you have a method you love!

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