Can a Yo Yo quilt look cool?

Can a Yo Yo quilt look cool?

It all started with the sale rack at my local yarn store - a Clover yo yo maker! For cheap! I always thought yoyo quilts were cute but didn't have them on my list to make. Sometimes....when the yoyos are in certain flesh tones... they remind me of a certain orifice. I'm sorry if I just ruined yoyos for you! But as the new owner of a yoyo maker, that's an image I'm willing to get past. Here are a few yo-yo quilts that turn the old classic into a modern marvel.

1. The value gradient

I love how this quilt has a subtle horizontal gradient. The dark blue yo-yos go from heavy on the left to fewer and farther between on the right. This would be perfect to use up scraps!

2. Trip Around the World

This coverlet arranges the yo-yos in concentric rectangles, reminiscent of a Trip Around the World quilt. And check out the triangle edging! 

3. Color Blocked

Using yo-yos in groups to create a larger pattern - genius! How cool would a nine patch made of yo-yos be?  

4. Contrast stitching

I love those little bits of red in this yo-yo from Purl Soho! The red, blue, and white is very reminiscent of sashiko. Proof that thread color in a quilt can really make a difference. 

 5. Half square yo-yos??

This quilt from @taraleequiltery uses over 400 yo-yos and took her over a year to make! But what a clever idea to use two different fabrics in one yo-yo to create a star pattern. Plus, her use of color is unmatched. 

What are your thoughts on yo-yos? Do they give grandma vibes or can they be modern? Have you ever made a yo-yo quilt? 

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