5 classic quilts that deserve more love

5 classic quilts that deserve more love

1. New York Beauty

1880s, unknown maker, Texas

The New York Beauty is a style first seen in the 1850s, and officially named New York Beauty in the 1930s.  The quartered spiked circles, reminiscent of the crown of the Statue of Liberty, show off the quilter's advanced skill. These days, foundation paper piecing makes this style a bit more accessible. 

2. Ocean Waves

from Denyse Schmidt's book Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration

The ocean waves block first appeared under that name in the Kansas City Star in 1928, but was likely made many times before. Constructed from numerous half-square triangles, it's an accessible quilt for the beginner quilter.

3. Spinning Triangles

Antique, c 1875-1900, maker unknown

I love a quilt that tricks the eye. Hard triangles become soft circles in this classic quilt design. On close examination, you can see that the triangles are actually tall isosceles triangles, not equilateral triangles. Another pattern where modern paper piecing makes a complex design possible for today's less patient quilters. 

4. Burgoyne Surrounded

Martha Page, 1852, Collection of the Met Museum

Said to represent the surrender of an American Revolution general to the British army, this classic quilt pattern may also be inspired by a common weaving pattern for coverlets. It's like an Irish chain with a bit more pizzazz!

5. Trip Around the World

Made by ME!

I love a good Trip Around the World! Smart quilters have even come up with ways to make these blocks from strips sewn into tubes. I pieced mine together by hand, and then quilted it by hand. It's my heirloom. 



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