Quilting ICKS

Quilting ICKS

We've all got those little things that give us the ick - and quilting is no exception! Those tiny little annoyances that make you go UGH! Whether it's a sound of a needle breaking, or the feel of a certain fabric - you're not alone. Here are my top ICKS when it comes to quilting. 


1. The sound your rotary blade makes when it hits the plastic of your ruler. UGH!

2. Picking thread bits that have felted themselves into a fuzzy sweater. For some reason thread resists the lint roller and tries to become one with my sweater. Painful!

3. When your machine makes that BRRRR BRRRRR sound that means a needle is about to break in your face. Ask me how I know. 

4. When you finally decide to vacuum and thread ends up wrapped around the roller of your vacuum cleaner!

5. When the bobbin winder won't engage. And you have to slide the pin over a thousand times before it works. 

6. When a perfectly good rotary blade starts skipping bits of fabric. And those blade sharpeners don't work!

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As a new quilter I do think most of these have happened to me, however the worst thing that scared the beejebers out of me was when I think my needle was bent and contuinded to hit the needle plate.


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